STEAM Boudoir by April B Photography is born! Lynchburg, Va. Boudoir Photographer

Announcing a new division of my photography business – STEAM Boudoir by April B Photography. The word “Steam” means POWER or ENERGY. When naming my boudoir division of my photography business, STEAM sparked my interest because of its bold and fitting meaning. Boudoir Photography, to me, is not just about taking pictures of women in their pretty underwear. It’s about giving women of all shapes, sizes and ages the feeling of EMPOWERMENT, the power to feel comfortable within their bodies to let their inner personality shine through. ABP’s STEAM Sessions provide women with an outlet to express their individual energy through captivating photos that they may not even realize they are capable of achieving.

In addition to having it’s own page on my website complete with portfolio pictures and pricing details, STEAM Boudoir by April B Photography can be found on it’s very own Facebook Fan Page. I decided to separate my boudoir photography from my family and wedding work to give clients and viewers of my photos a choice. While I love giving women an outlet to step out-of-the-box with these boudoir sessions, I realize that not everyone loves boudoir photography as much as I do. I’m always looking to provide my  clients with the best service and product I can, and creating this division of Boudoir photography just made sense to me.

So if you love my boudoir work, please follow me on Facebook at {Steam} Boudoir by April B Photography, and check out my STEAM page on my website for more of the nitty gritty details about STEAM Sessions, STEAMY GIRL Boudoir Parties and STEAM Days!

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