ABP is now offering One-on-One Mentoring Sessions! These sessions are perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers looking to up their game and make their mark in the professional photography world. Sessions are customized to each photographer and can cover a range of topics including marketing, growing your client base, website and SEO tips, website critique, curating your portfolio, culling and editing techniques that will speed up your workflow, file management and so much more!

After consistently growing my business over the last five years and learning from my mistakes, I’d like to help others skip over some of the hurdles I went through. ABP started with photographing just 5 weddings in 2012, to 18 weddings in 2013, to 25 in 2014, and 38 in 2015. My editing workflow has gone from taking weeks to finish a wedding to just ONE DAY to complete a wedding gallery of hundreds of images, all while improving in image quality as well. I can’t wait to help others see similar results and feel more confident in themselves and their business.

Choose from two options:

The Coffee House Session – $200

* Includes an hour and a half meeting with me over coffee (I buy!) and conversation about whatever you are struggling with at the time. I’ll send you a questionnaire before our meeting to help you pinpoint the biggest hurdles in your business, and where we need to focus our time during our mentoring session.

* 15-Minute Headshot Allowance – At the end of our mentoring time together, I’ll photograph you and give you tips for posing individuals. You’ll leave with new headshots for your branding! (This is optional. You can choose to use the full hour and a half for mentoring if you prefer.)

* This session is also available as a Skype session. If you don’t live close enough to meet me in person, I’m happy to Skype with you instead!

The Half Day Session – $500

* Includes three hours together – from either 8:30-11:30 or Noon – 3p.m. Depending on the time slot you choose, we’ll meet for coffee in the morning (or lunch in the afternoon – my treat!), and start our mentoring session with you picking my brain on the topics that you need the most assistance with. I’ll send you a questionnaire before our session that will help you narrow your focus so we hit the ground running! We’ll then head to my home office where I’ll show you my workflow process using Photo Mechanic and Lightroom (I can finish a whole wedding in ONE DAY!). You’ll see from start to finish how I edit an image! From culling to exporting the image to Blogstomp in prep for my blog, you’ll follow along. I’ll also share my client organizational system with you.

* 15-Minute Headshot Allowance – At the end of our mentoring time together, I’ll photograph you and give you tips for posing individuals. You’ll leave with new headshots for your branding! (This is optional.)

* Half Day Sessions are limited and only held from January through April.

I’d love to schedule a mentoring session with you and help you grow your photography skills and business! To schedule a session, just click the inquire button in the header and I’ll get you on my calendar!

What Others Are Saying About Learning from ABP

“I have learned so much working with April. She is always an open book, willing to answer any questions I ask. She poses her couples flawlessly. Always doing many different poses, each flowing easily into the next, so she can offer a variety to her clients. I have learned a lot by watching her pose her couples and how she gets them to relax to create those posed moments that look unposed! April is professional and knowledgeable about wedding photography. I would recommend others to work with her. I know you will learn a lot!” ~ Alison Creasy with Alison Creasy Photography

“April’s attention to detail is evident in every wedding she photographs whether she is photographing flowers or communicating with the bride. I so appreciate April’s kind heart and her willingness to answer my many questions! Learning from April has been a such a big help to me in how I photograph weddings. One thing that really stands out to me is April’s calm approach to every wedding regardless of how chaotic the wedding day may be. She also seems to be able to tackle any lighting situation given to her. I’ve appreciated her gentle, teaching spirit.” ~ Karin Smith with Karin Nicole Photography

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