Hi fellow photographers! Are you swamped with weddings and finding it hard to keep up with editing them all? Or do you have a manageable workload but just hate the editing side of the creative process? This is where I can help YOU. I want to lighten your workload and deliver beautiful images back to you that you are proud of! I want to learn and match your editing style so that you can rely on me to get your edits right, the first time. I want to give you your time back so that you can focus on what you enjoy – the shooting and growing your business. Does that sound good to you? Well read on and I’ll give you the details.

As Your Personal Boutique Editor, I offer:

  • A One-on-One Skype Session – this is where we chat and I learn more about your photography style, what you love about your edits, and what you don’t like so much. I find out what’s important to you, and we personalize a turn around schedule that fits perfectly with your photography business.
  • ME! I will be the one and only editor working on and delivering your images to you. Because of this, you can count on consistent edits, personalized attention and surprise perks that other big editing companies cannot give you.
  • Per Image Rate – My editing fee is a standard .29 cents per image rate. This includes color correction, straightening, black and whites, and using your preferred Lightroom preset if you have one. (* Keep reading below for a special rate offer currently underway)
  • Personalized Turnaround Time – I work with you to set an editing schedule unique to your business needs.
  • Consistency!

If this is sounding good to you, be sure to click on the Contact tab at the top of the page so we can schedule a consultation 🙂

A Little More About Me:

For the last six years, I have grown a successful photography business. Last year, I completed 38 weddings! And yes, I did need some help in editing all of those weddings. I tried a couple different big name companies and unfortunately I struggled with them sending back consistent edits. I could send one wedding one week, and it would come back looking good, only needing minor tweaks from me. Then the next wedding, would so NOT be my style, even though my preset was on file, and I’d practically have to re-edit the entire wedding. I was starting to wonder what I was paying them for! Plus, turn around times could be almost two weeks sometimes. I, personally, prefer to provide my client with their complete wedding gallery within two weeks.

Then the winter came and things slowed down a little bit, I returned to editing my own sessions and and weddings, life continued on. And, this December, I found out I was pregnant! Needless, to say, 38-40 weddings a year was going to be hard to continue with a baby on the way! I reduced my wedding workload this year, and decided to add on Boutique Editing Services to other photographers who were shooting a ton, and struggling and trying to figure out how to get their life back. It’s a Win-Win. I get to continue shooting a few weddings a year, and help other photographers decrease their workload and STRESS, all while being able to be at home a bit more for my growing family.

I am only taking on a handful of new clients, and I would love for you to be one of them!  Don’t hesitate, let’s set up our Skype meeting and see if we are a perfect fit for one another!

April B Photography

Serving Virginia & Beyond